Thursday, 1 December 2011

So far today is the day of Firsts

 First day of the Advent calender

First day of the Christmas tree (boys decorated I just helped) we usually have it up untill  30th December
First present opened under the tree.

The first day of Aled being 11 years old time does fly.
 His name has a lot of meanings , the name Aled means- "Offspring" or "child" in Welsh, "God is eternal"in Hebrew
But to me Aled means a sunny smile who loves to help and also make a mess thats Aled and we love you lots untill the moon and back and then some more
Happy Birthday Aled.
I have just been reading The decorated cookie blog
she has some amazing Christmas goodies ideas.


  1. Advent-preparation for the coming of Christ, with your very creative Advent tree! Your colorful Christmas tree and Happy Birthday to Aled, whose name is special in Welsh and Hebrew!

  2. A great advent calendar. I must put up our tree thanks for the reminder. It is the first day of summer for us. Happy Birthday Aled and what a nice looking boy he is.

  3. Happy 11th birthday Aled what a special day you've all shared today. Your advent calendar is very cute Cathy. x

  4. What a creative Advent tree and love that the *boys* decorate the tree. Happy birthday to Aled and what a beautiful name with such important meaning. (Thank you for visiting me on the other side of the world!):-)

  5. Goodness ~ isn't it hard to believe December is here?

    Have a good one Cathy!
    xo Catherine

  6. Happy Birthday, Aled!!!

    I love your advent calender, it turned out really cute!

  7. Hi Cathy, your advent Calendar is lovely! Happy birthday to Aled.

  8. Happy Birthday, Aled!
    A very beautiful name.

  9. A bit late to wish you a very Happy 11th Birthday, Aled, but it just means you get to enjoy it a little longer! You are such a handsome young man and I love your cute little dog! You are so lucky to have a beautiful forested area to walk in together! My six dogs would so love to join you!


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