Friday, 16 December 2011

The vapors

Nazareth part two

At first glance it just looks like another old building then you see an elaborate door and above it is this sign. I step inside and it is like an Aladdin cave of the senses. There are more than 1000 kinds of products in the Galilee Mill “El babour

The name of the place is "The Galilee Mill" its nickname is "Elbabour" the nickname was derived from the English word- vapor- or fug because then the mill used to operate on steam(vapor)as a result the mill was nicknamed in Arabic Babour.

On this table there are a lot of bags of sweets, chocolate and sprinkles of all colours
Behind there are shelves of large range of spice mixes.
I bought Cajun, pickle, lentil soup, and Bukhari rice spices as well as chocolates little Santa's and too many sweets  

There are many types of vinegars there all naturally made from all sorts of fruit and vegetables and there was a lot of olive oil it was cold pressed which is very tasty indeed.

The mill was originally founded by a German named Herr. Wicker (I have tried to find something about him ) at the end of the Turkish rule At the beginning of the 20th century Mr. Jajoura Kananza rented the mill and since then the place has been managed by the Kananza family.

The man behind the counter is Tony Kananza one of the two grandsons that manage the mill today he was telling me how he had lived in England to study and how much he loved the countryside there and it was a dream of his to have a farm there.

There is a mixture of old and new

There is so much to see and buy. I bought some cranberries and 10 different sorts of nuts also some Halva covered in nuts. Tony said "leave something in the shop" he was very helpful and told me to send some friends so there you are a great place to visit in Nazareth and if you go" tell Tony I sent you" I always wanted to say that

everywhere you look there is something to see or smell


  1. What a fascinating place! I'd love to visit it. Our shops here in the UK are far too "sanitised" and samey these days.

  2. What a wonderful find. I love all those bags full of goodies. As you say, the aromas must be delightful. Afraid I would buy too much as well.

  3. Just...WOW! so interesting Cathy.

  4. wow...excellent post cathy...thanks for sharing..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  5. Cathy this is a fantastic shop and they have a website...! I'm going to go check them out!

  6. Love all of these pictures. Fascinating stuff. What an experience you are having. N x


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