Saturday, 17 December 2011

A day of cleaning after the wall came down and part 3 of Nazareth

I always enjoy Nazareth the sights and sounds

The contrasts of new and old

The sounds of church bells as well as the calling to prayer from the minarets

I love these little shops that spill out onto the streets

Christmas flowers every where

We went this really nice humus restaurant ran by two chefs who had just opened it a week ago.  We had a plate of humus each one with chopped veal and the other with cooked mushrooms and peppers, pita breads, salads, pickled lemons and olives. I hope it is there next time I am in Nazareth it was so yummy.

We went to this Christmas shop, I love those father Christmases going up a ladder.

So that's all we had time for, had to get home to the boys. We went through the village of Cana on the way back home, that's where I want to go next.

  • added more ginger and sugar to the ginger beer plant day  seven


    1. Love the photos...the shops that spill outward are fantastic! Those are some nice looking lufah sponges...they make the skin feel so good after a bath!

    2. It would be so interesting to visit Nazareth, Israel in general, really!


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