Saturday, 10 December 2011

Saturday preparation's for Christmas

  It was a lovely morning it was warm enough to have breakfast outside.

The geranium are loving this weather

The red trolley has been put to use collecting some wood for the fire there is a lot of wood about at the moment people have been pruning their trees before the winter
 The Christmas New year's pudding we started making today it is a Delia Smith recipe Traditional Christmas pudding

Also soaking some dried fruit to make mince meat and this one I just made up as I went a long whatever I had in my cupboard

The boys stirring the pudding and making a lot of wishes
and I mean a lot

It looks like we might have a white Christmas this is a view from the attic window.
day three of ginger beer


  1. What beautiful photos! I have a question-is the mincemeat a traditional Jewish recipie? I would love to know what is in it! By the way- I listed your blog on my homepage because...I love it!

  2. So many delicious things (puddings, pies, ginger beer) being made in your home! Enjoyed your photos...the last one with the snow covered mountain is beautiful...hope you do have a white Christmas!

  3. Lucky you...snow. It's always so hot here. Maa


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