Monday, 12 December 2011

Monday there is a party

Today I am helping out at a 80th birthday party It was 30 years ago that I met this man for the first time, I was 20 and he was 50 to me nearly an OAP at the time. Where does the time go. No wonder people have a mid life crisis heck the more I write about it......  
Any way I hope he enjoys the party.

 In the garden
  • planted some carrot seeds
  • planted some Rosella seeds given to to me by my neighbour.

It was a lovely party he told us he is planning his 90th party

  • added more ginger and sugar to the ginger beer plant day two


    1. It took FOREVER to turn 21....but the time sure flies after that.

    2. Will post seeds to you in 2 weeks when I'm on holidays :-)

      I eat the rosella leaves - delicious on their own and in salad.

    3. time flies...every minute is a blessing! Happy Birthday to the 80 year old gentleman! Wow your Rosella plants are beautiful!

    4. Hi Theanne the Rosellas are a neighbours she just gave me a few seeds.

    5. Hope you had fun at the party; guess what? You're the winner! Email me with your snail mail so I can mail your hollyhock seeds off to you!

    6. 80, it was not that long ago that I thought that was ancient... now, I don't believe so. Happy Birthday to your friend!

    7. Time really does fly doesn't it?! How nice that you've had that friendship for so long.
      The Rosellas are really pretty.


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