Thursday, 22 December 2011

I will start by saying

that the party last night was a good one. It was a party organized by the parents and children that will be having their Bat/Bar mitzvah this year for the Elders of the Kibbutz who bought a lot of lovely homemade food to the party.

A good time was had by all the video is of one of the dads making Sfenj  (Moroccan doughnuts made by deep frying a sticky, unsweetened yeast dough.)

In the garden
  • harvested some radish.

Just took Aled to the nurse to put a bandage on his leg it is just a football injury but he was told he didn't need to shower for two days funny how that made him happy. 
On the way home I was called over by Dima "The Chocolate man" to taste something (I hadn't had breakfast yet I was hungry) he had made a new chocolate with fruits of the forest it was Very Tasty. He asked if he could make a chocolate for me like how cool is that "dark chocolate and lemon." What would you choose?

sometimes you have to smell those roses.

In the garden
  • planted some onions that had started to grow in the fridge.
  • planted some beetroot where the tomatoes were.
  • put the rest of Diane sweet peas in hanging baskets.
  • Dianthus have germinated.
  • Rosella replanred into small pots


  1. Looks like a very warm fun gathering. Hope Aled feel much better soon.

  2. A lovely party...the Sfenj making looks interesting, simple ingredients and not as complicated as doughnuts! Beautiful radishes! One does have to stop and smell the roses...the close up is wonderful! Quick healing for Aled!

  3. I wish I would know someone who invite me as testperson for homemade chocolate ;)

  4. Those donuts look delicious. Last shot of the rose is lovely


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