Friday, 9 December 2011

We had a visitor with an early Christmas present

We were given an Oriental sitting corner later we will put them by the wood burner I was told that in the winter the family sleeps there as well and also cook on the wood burner and eat there putting a table cloth on the floor like a picnic. last night Aled slept there he said it was comfortable. Now have to make some cushions to go with it Turkish delight and backgammon anyone?

Sean enjoying a cuddle with Daniel 

Sean knows where it is cosy  

because it has gone cold ( 16 C or 63f  ) and foggy outside

Day two of ginger beer

                And here is the sunset tonight.


  1. What a wonderful day everyone gathers and have fun together. During my childhood, I remember we gathered at my cousin house and all the children will be sleeping in the living room.

  2. Brrr a good time to curl up on the new sitting corner in front of the fire and read a book or cuddle the dog. I don't know how the oldies get up and down easily from the floor level seating.

  3. The Oriental sitting corner is wonderful...when it's by the wood stove it will be so warm and inviting! Enjoyed your photos, especially the ones of Daniel and Sean and Sean by the fire!


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