Tuesday, 13 December 2011

I found out that

I will be getting some holly hock seeds from Mary at the edible garden .I cant wait untill my little garden has some flowers to attract some bees and other nice insects.
Just had a walk out in the garden

There is a lot of yellow leaves about at the moment Pomegranite

the Mullberry trees

 and the Anise

No walk in the garden would be the same without Sean the shadow

there is also some new growth we have a few Guavas  and some Garlic

In the garden
  • planted some Aster seeds.

A little bit of Ireland arrived in the post today from Peggy at organic growing pains. Thank you Peggy. 

Tomorrow I will be going to Nazareth so I might not
have time to blog I have a few places that  want to visit. better charge the camera.

  • added more ginger and sugar to the ginger beer plant day three


    1. You have a lovely big garden with beautiful colours at the moment and a very handsome dog too.

    2. Diane not all that is my garden even though the boys call it the secret garden.

    3. The Pomegranite and Mulberry tree leaves are such a beautiful colour - we have garlic growing in the allotment but sadly no Guavas - we are using the garlic that we grew last year in the kitchen now - it has a really good taste in the cooking - we are growing some more this year it is in the ground now and will be harvested in the Spring. Jane UK

    4. Oh, how I long till springtime is here in Sweden again. Can´t wait to get my hands dirty. ;) Mullberry tree sounds really exotic in my ears...

      / Anna

    5. That yellow foliage is so lovely!

    6. what lovely Christmas presents from Peggy! the trees garden and Sean are all looking good!


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