Monday, 30 September 2013

another day of "if I don't use it lose it"

I am really enjoying this day of "if I don't use it lose it" I started off with some material I have had for a while I made a drawstring bag for my crochet.In the kitchen we are slowly eating all the food in the freezer . because I always freeze any leftovers and they need to be used up first before we fill it up again save me on cooking this week.

Next I am going to look through a cupboard that is a hoard all cupboard  so I will be very busy a bit like a busy Lizzy 

or a busy bee 

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Sean is snoring and I think I know why

A weekend Salsa retreat over 200 people are camping at the end of our garden.

I was told by one of the dancers that Sean is a great Salsa dancer I think he might have joined the party last night.He was very tired this morning,just about kept his eyes open.
The builder aka DH is building a wood shed to keep the wood dry for the woodburner
I love these flowers but have no clue to their name I have a white one and a pink one

This is the Pink one anybody know what they are called? I call them rain flowers ,but I don't think they are that.
Amazing colour on these leaves 

and on this one 

And so many berries on this bush.
I might have a look at the dancing later.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

This morning I have one thing on my mind

'If we don't use it lose it" and I think it is working so far one bag of boys clothes to give to a friend,a large amount of art supplies gone to the after school club as well as some games and that is just from one room.
also found some material to have a go of making bunting.I also saw something that we could use on the blog of "The Wife of a Dairyman" she has a giveaway 

 Off to start another room :)

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Children in the junkyard

This tractor  is still working in a childs imagination
As for this Ford van I can't count the times I have been driven  to a city or work and even sometimes to the seaside like today

 If only  it could show how many kms it has been driven I know of one little girl that drove it to the moon.

As you might see the engine is being overhauled

The boys and girls that play here get excited by any new bit of Junk sometimes more so than store bought. 

Children in the junkyard

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Saturday stroll

The  garden of events, concerts, wedding,bar mitzvahs etc

The little wood with a stream roughly translated "the stream that disappears"

It is so cool  here 

Natural air conditioner

Entrance to the kibbutz hotel  

Took a photo of my friends parents 2 of their son's live in Ireland and Denmark.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Flaunt those flowers friday

 here its at Summers end and there are only a few flowers left in the garden

the flowering shrubs there is always something flowering there

I Saw this sign yesterday and I had another look 
 yes I know now that it is stripes but for a while I was looking for this

Thursday, 19 September 2013

There is always a welcome from these friends

Lucky the dog who thinks she is a kangaroo (grandpa in the background)

Lotto who is a little princess

These are my sil dogs and trust me they are very lucky and both have won the lottery.
Lotto was no more than a few weeks old when they found her in a carpark in fact they nearly reversed into her she was so small.
A few years afterwards they got Lucky from a rescue centre .
By the way they have numerous cats in the garden at the most there was 12 all strays that have found a home.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

end of summer

Lots of water melons in the fields these are grown just for their seeds
Watermelons either love them or not I prefer Melons

I wish my garden hose would roll up as neatly.

Blue skies 

The old folks at the picnic been given some plums that are grown on the kibbutz 

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Some photos that I took this morning at our end of summer picnic

I am so glad we have the use of a tractor

I would hate to have to carry all this in the car
37 people came I had just finished laying the tables there is 2 more  

They came before we had time to put all the food out 

But the view was perfect

Whichever way you looked

Monday, 16 September 2013

My citrus trees


  1. lemon tree
  2. pomelit
  3. blood orange(karakara)
  4. or clementina 
  5. mandarin 
  6. and a mystery tree so far has flowered but no fruit
I have space for another 6 trees I would like a small lime tree, Washington orange (my favorite orange tree), another lemon tree ,Valencia orange ,Pomela, and  a Pink Grapefruit.

 Lemon tree