Monday, 16 September 2013

My citrus trees


  1. lemon tree
  2. pomelit
  3. blood orange(karakara)
  4. or clementina 
  5. mandarin 
  6. and a mystery tree so far has flowered but no fruit
I have space for another 6 trees I would like a small lime tree, Washington orange (my favorite orange tree), another lemon tree ,Valencia orange ,Pomela, and  a Pink Grapefruit.

 Lemon tree


  1. Hi Cathy - nice to hear from your blog again. I can't even imagine being able to grow citrus. But then you probably can't grow our cool season lettuces and cole crops. We have to paint our gardens with the supplies available. George

    1. we usually grow lettuce in the Autumn and spring and sometimes early summer, In the Summer I have stopped trying to grow veg because of the price of water and on some days it can get up to 40 C which basically cooks the leaves.


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