Saturday, 30 April 2011

Thank you for the cakes

I don't usually buy cakes as we make our own so yesterday when I was given a couple boxes of cake it was a nice surprise. One thing I have been trying to recently and after reading this post recycling station in my home. is to use,reuse and use again. Thank you for the inspiration Nellymary. So the first thing I did was to recycle the cake container the first one will used for cuttings and the other one like a small greenhouse. 

In the corner of my window sill is the Danish corner I look at that every day it reminds me of the lovely time I had in Demark. Denmark is a lovely country and some really friendly people my eldest is there with his beautiful girlfriend they met in a youth hostel in St Kilda, Melbourne

And in the other corner is some pottery which Daniel made in junior school


Later in the day I went out side to take a picture of Aled for his grandparents

When two of Sean's doggy pals walked Past

Sean rushed to meet them smelled their perfume and invited the Pekinese to visit the garden.
Sheleg was not sure about all those dogs so Aled went to console her 

Doesn't it look like she is listening?


Yesterday on my mind

A Royal Wedding drank some wine had a few friends to celebrate made too much food but then that means no cooking today.
It is Loquat season at the moment it is a very good year so good i might even make wine I hear it is good  has anybody tasted it?


A Bored dog that wants a walk I told him it was a Royal Wedding so he gave me this look

Ok Sean I understand lets go for a walk.

The Evening Primrose is out and I found another flower to identify.

 Maybe tomorrow we will have rain so there might be some rain art or I will start looking at the camera thingy

Elton John- Saturday Nights Alright for fighting (Concert for Diana)

Thursday, 28 April 2011

The good, the bad, the down right ugly and then again good news (I think).

Well the good news today is it rained which is also the bad news because the builder can't paint or plaster in the rain so it will another week or more before we can start on our vegetable garden.

Last of the snow on the mountain

House is nearly finished
The ugly news is I was looking at my baby tomatoes I have not given them names because I will have to eat them and I couldn't eat a tomato with a name. So I have a closer look at one of them it had a little mark on it as all good mums I tried to clean it off with that special cleaning fluid that mums have, any way to make a long story even longer it did not come off so I had a closer look and the tomato fell off I did an autopsy on said tomato and it had a maggot inside urghh I then had a look at the other babies tomatoes no blemishes or spots so far. 

Some more good news is I have a job as a photo journalist ( documenting for the archives of the kibbutz) sounds grand but I am getting paid yippee I also was given a new toy a video camera.Sony DSR-PD170 3CCD DVCAM COMPACT CAMCORDER-NTSC
now where did I put the manual thats right there wasn't one well I have till next Thursday how hard can it be.  

David Bowie - Thursdays child

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

One post a day 1

This sculpture is called Footsteps

For Sean and a lot of animals they are water bowls I wonder if the water has a hint of cheese.

Growing some more lettuce seedlings I hope it won't be too hot.

This a Passion fruit seedling so far only one has germinated I collected a dried fruit from under a neighbours hedge.

 This a myrle that I have grown from seed there 3 more Texas red crape myrtle.

Wednesday Morning - America.wmv

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Penguin Likes Being Tickled.flv

A bit of Tuesday music

Talking to the boys about music with the days of the week as part of the title there have been a lot

tuesday music

tuesday music

Cat Stevens - Tuesday's Dead (live)

The Pogues - Tuesday Morning

David Bowie - Love You Till Tuesday

Stevie Wonder - Tuesday Heartbreak

A really great giveaway

A really great giveaway at Mud Pie    

Fabulous Digger\

whats cooking

 Mufleta is traditionally Jewish Moroccan. Mufleta has different names and variations in different cultures and the basic Mufleta recipe is quite similar. At Passover no one eats bread or any kind of flour food. This must be hard because they are very fond of bread so they celebrate the end of Passover by buying flour and making Mufleta and then invite friends, relatives and neighbors to join them in this festival which is called Mimouna. More on Mimouna.

We just had them for breakfast and this is the recipe we used
Mufleta Recipe
3 3/4 cups flour
1 1/2 cups warm (not boiling) water
Pinch of salt
Vegetable (not olive) oil, as needed
Instructions for the Mufleta recipe:
1.   Place flour and salt in bowl.
2.   Scoop out a "well" in the middle and add water there.
3.   Mix, adding a little extra water if dough seems too dry.
4.   Mix together until a light and elastic dough is formed.
5.   Divide dough into 15 to 20 small balls.
6.   Cover with dish towel and let stand 30 minutes on a flat, well-oiled surface.
7.   Oil hands and on oiled surface, roll dough into thin circles.
8.   Spread small amount of oil in frying pan and cook Mufleta over medium heat.
9.   Cook both sides.
10.                     Pan does not need to be re-greased before cooking the rest of the Mufleta's.
11.                     Place on a plate and cover with dish towel to keep them warm.
12.                     Serve warm with butter and honey.
13.                     These may be frozen and re-heated in microwave


Yesterday I felt a little silly today.....

I decided I am going to find out what else I have been weeding out of our garden. So far I have found Mallow (Malva) which can be eaten and is supposed to be good for you as well; I found this on Wikipedia.
Several species are widely grown as garden flowers, while some are invasive weeds, particularly in the Americas where they are not native.
Many species are edible as leaf vegetables. Known as ebegümeci in Turkish, it is used as vegetable in Turkey in various forms such as stuffing the leaves with bulgur or rice or using the boiled leaves as side dish. Malva verticillata (Chinese: 冬寒; pinyin: dōngháncài, Korean: 동규자is grown on a limited commercial scale in China; when made as a herbal infusion, it is used for its colon cleansing properties and as a weight loss supplement.
Very easily grown, short-lived perennials often grown as ornamental plants. Mild tasting young mallow leaves can be a substitute for lettuce, whereas older leaves are better cooked as a leafy green vegetable. The buds and flowers can be used in salads.
Cultivation is by sowing the seeds directly outdoors in early spring. The seed is easy to collect, and they will often spread themselves by seed.
In Catalonia (Southern Europe) they use the leaves to cure stinging nettles

Well I am sure there be a lot more weeds in the garden I might even start to cultivate and save the seeds..

Monday, 25 April 2011

a picture a day


A bit of Monday music

Talking to the boys about music with the days of the week as part of the title there have been a lot

Bangles - Manic Monday - 1986

The Mamas & The Papas - Monday Monday

Monday - Ludovico Einaudi

Come Monday ~ Jimmy Buffett

stormy monday

colour me stupid

Yes I am feeling a little dumb note to myself before you buy any seeds make sure they don't grow wild in the Mediterranean. Well how was I to know that they have been growing in my garden and I have been weeding them out. The vegetable in question is Salsify this the picture that was on the seed brochure
Salsify : Scorzobianca
and this is what i just found out it flower looks like this

and in my garden I found another now I have to decide leave it in or weed it out

Sunday, 24 April 2011

A picture a day x2

Today we are playing Kubb (pronounced koob)

history of kubb

Kubb (pronounced koob) is a lawn game where the object is to knock over wooden blocks by throwing wooden sticks at them. Kubb can be simply described as a combination of bowling and horseshoes. Today's version originated on Gotland Island, Sweden.
Rules vary from region to region, but the object of the game is to knock the "King" over, before your opponent does. This, combined with the fact that there is a certain level of strategy that can be used by players, has led some players and Kubb fans to nickname the game "Viking Chess." However, unlike chess, if a player or team knocks over the king before achieving their objectives, that player/team immediately loses the game. The game can be played on a variety of surfaces such as sand, concrete, grass, or even ice.
It is often claimed that the game dates back to the Viking Age and has survived on Gotland Island. There is also anecdotal evidence of games called Kubb being played in various places in Sweden in the early 20th century. The game in its modern conception became popular in the 1990s when commercial Kubb sets were first manufactured.
The game has now gained international interest, and is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. There is also an annual World Championship that has been held since 1995 on Gotland. Small scale tournaments are also becoming increasingly popular on college campuses as well as during family gatherings.

They work on a Sunday

cathy@home: Wales "Hedgerows "

A picture a day x2

Friday, 22 April 2011

I love it when it rains

 Good time to make those hot cross buns using this recipe

Is the little red dog a Finnish Spitz

Is the little red dog a Finnish Spitz. I had a Finnish Spitz and it looked like that dog. There aren't many of them, so I always ask if I see one. asked by E
Sean Connery of the house of Finlie

Sean Connery as Rudolph

I dont know what sort of dog Sean is but the boys and I had some fun looking at what sort of mix he could be and we agree he could have a Finnish Spitz and collie mix so the boys say he is a



  • sweet nature
  • happy with other dogs and loves chasing cats
  • active,alert and lively
  • protective of chidren and loves to herd them home ( gets Aled from the bus)
  • wary of strangers


  1. he has vey good barking skills and can sense if something is not right or different.
  2. the barks range from short, sharp barks to many barks per minute that sound like a yodel.(I am told he howls when I am not there )


  1. This dog is eay to train and enjoys long walks especially if you take his picture

a picture a day (Good Friday)

The pomegranate is often seen in paintings and statues of the Virgin Mary and the baby Jesus.

It's a symbol of resurrection and everlasting life.