Saturday, 30 April 2011

Thank you for the cakes

I don't usually buy cakes as we make our own so yesterday when I was given a couple boxes of cake it was a nice surprise. One thing I have been trying to recently and after reading this post recycling station in my home. is to use,reuse and use again. Thank you for the inspiration Nellymary. So the first thing I did was to recycle the cake container the first one will used for cuttings and the other one like a small greenhouse. 

In the corner of my window sill is the Danish corner I look at that every day it reminds me of the lovely time I had in Demark. Denmark is a lovely country and some really friendly people my eldest is there with his beautiful girlfriend they met in a youth hostel in St Kilda, Melbourne

And in the other corner is some pottery which Daniel made in junior school


Later in the day I went out side to take a picture of Aled for his grandparents

When two of Sean's doggy pals walked Past

Sean rushed to meet them smelled their perfume and invited the Pekinese to visit the garden.
Sheleg was not sure about all those dogs so Aled went to console her 

Doesn't it look like she is listening?


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