Thursday, 28 April 2011

The good, the bad, the down right ugly and then again good news (I think).

Well the good news today is it rained which is also the bad news because the builder can't paint or plaster in the rain so it will another week or more before we can start on our vegetable garden.

Last of the snow on the mountain

House is nearly finished
The ugly news is I was looking at my baby tomatoes I have not given them names because I will have to eat them and I couldn't eat a tomato with a name. So I have a closer look at one of them it had a little mark on it as all good mums I tried to clean it off with that special cleaning fluid that mums have, any way to make a long story even longer it did not come off so I had a closer look and the tomato fell off I did an autopsy on said tomato and it had a maggot inside urghh I then had a look at the other babies tomatoes no blemishes or spots so far. 

Some more good news is I have a job as a photo journalist ( documenting for the archives of the kibbutz) sounds grand but I am getting paid yippee I also was given a new toy a video camera.Sony DSR-PD170 3CCD DVCAM COMPACT CAMCORDER-NTSC
now where did I put the manual thats right there wasn't one well I have till next Thursday how hard can it be.  

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