Sunday, 3 April 2011

A day of contrast some information

Yesterday we had great day out with Daniel's Canadian friend first stop was Saar waterfall

Sa'ar waterfall in the summer

Nahal Sa'ar is one of the streams that flow from Mount Hermon most of the year the waterfall is just a trickle of water but in the winter it is a great torrent of water every time I see it I think it’s a little miracle of nature. The waterfall is about 500 meters (around 1600 feet). In the past the locals made full use of the falls as you can see the remains of flour mills still. The waterfall is about 10 minutes drive from the kibbutz and the road there has some amazing historical places and some beautiful scenery I can't wait to show you.
Afterwards we carried our journey up the road it was a short drive up to Kalat Nimrod here I will let Wikipedia tell you the history of Nimrod Fortress and also Nimrod Fortress National Park (Qal‘at Namrud) When we arrived the weather changed it started get cold and blustery we walked around I think the boys enjoyed themselves. ahh yes before I forget the animals on the rocks are Rock Hyrax .
 We carried on our journey to Majdal Shams it is a  Druze town near Mount Hermon where we stopped for lunch of shawarma, houmus and salads yummy to the tummy. We went to a tourist shop and our Canadian friend bought some souvenirs to take home.Then we drove home to have a cup of tea.

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