Friday, 1 April 2011

Happy Birthday Dad

My Dad
Well first of all you are nobodies fool.
The name Ceridwen gave you, so you wouldn’t be the run of the mill Dai from the valleys.
I think how you and mum show me what a couple means and also to be a great team.
How you have always made sure that we know wherever we are there is a place in your heart and at your table.
I love watching you work in the kitchen or garden and could spend hours with chatting in the car as long we stopped off for a bite to eat.
A lot of times I hear you in what I say" I will pencil you  in",
"Come on and have cwtch"
(And as everyone knows that’s a safe place not just a hug)
Happy birthday I hope my boys will grow up like their Abba and you Dad by the way I know one has already

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