Friday, 22 April 2011

Is the little red dog a Finnish Spitz

Is the little red dog a Finnish Spitz. I had a Finnish Spitz and it looked like that dog. There aren't many of them, so I always ask if I see one. asked by E
Sean Connery of the house of Finlie

Sean Connery as Rudolph

I dont know what sort of dog Sean is but the boys and I had some fun looking at what sort of mix he could be and we agree he could have a Finnish Spitz and collie mix so the boys say he is a



  • sweet nature
  • happy with other dogs and loves chasing cats
  • active,alert and lively
  • protective of chidren and loves to herd them home ( gets Aled from the bus)
  • wary of strangers


  1. he has vey good barking skills and can sense if something is not right or different.
  2. the barks range from short, sharp barks to many barks per minute that sound like a yodel.(I am told he howls when I am not there )


  1. This dog is eay to train and enjoys long walks especially if you take his picture

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