Friday, 2 September 2011

Hello Blog, guess who is back?

Yes it's me; well those two months seemed to drag on forever.
Yesterday the boys went back to school, went to see Aled get on the school bus all the parents were there taking pictures of the First graders getting on the bus (children that were in my playschool where I worked )  
Update I have stopped working fulltime for a while and being a proper Sahm it is something I really enjoy doing I will still work but not the 9 hours a day that I have been doing.
My poor garden is looking really neglected starting Sunday that will all change.

Safed we went here on a fun day out

Safed in the old city I love those alley ways there is allways something interesting to see.

One of the many Art galleries
 I have also been doing a little bit of Photography and have to put it all together and make a present for the elders on the kibbutz yikes have to do it before the 10th.

Acre we went here when we picked up Jonathan from the train station he came home for a visit.
And last but not least we had Melons not all of them were eaten but we will grow them again.