Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Went for a walk with Sean part 2

 Lovely day for skiing
 Plum blossom there were some worker pruning the trees  they gave me a lesson on how to prune a plum tree which of the branches were the water branches that need to be pruned
It is rare to see so much snow, so that's why I am taking a lot of photographs.

 Oranges "Or"
 Snow covered mountains in Lebanon.

Its starting to get a little muddy.
There are so more photo's here


  1. Sunshine, blue skies, plum blossoms, snow-capped mountains, the dog.....it all looks lovely.

  2. Hi Cathy, it looks a great place to walk.I have never given a thought to avocados or how they grow,it is fascinating to see them, maybe a close up the next time you are out walking?!

  3. Wow - lovely photos Cathy. I had heard that you could go to the beach and the snow in one day where you are?? That would be wonderful. cheers Wendy


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