Friday, 16 March 2012

The first thing I do after a storm is check the garden for damage

especially the young trees last night we had one and by the sounds of things we will be having another one today.
Then suddenly I felt some rain drops I looked up and just over my head there was a flock of large birds it was amazing, now what to do watch or go in the house to get my camera? that's right I  just stood there in awe of how beautiful and graceful these birds are.When they had gone I went to get my camera to take some photos of my Daffodils and Ranunculis when suddenly I saw them again not so close this time (times like this I wish my camera had a zoom)

It was a inspiring sight to see but I am glad I didn't rush in the house to get a camera the first time. seeing those birds that close it was like my wish of a zoom was granted and the memory will last forever.


  1. What a great scene to witness.

  2. How wonderful a sight is that? They are Cranes but what one it is hard to tell. My guess would be the Common Crane which frequents the Hula Valley. They are mostly grey with a red spot on their forehead. That would be so exciting to see.

  3. so beautiful to watch them!

  4. Really cool - can't live without 'double zoom' and two different zoom lens!

    1. Lucky thing I wish I had a zoom on my camera and I can't even add a zoom to it.


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