Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Baking some cookies while reading blogs

is a dangerous thing to do as I have found out, the cookies burn very quickly.

The weather here is all over the place (yes Ok) what I mean is one day its 24.00 Celsius (am I the last person in the world that calls it centigrade? and when did they change it? also why was I not told?) and tomorrow high is 7.22 Celsius the coldest it has been this year so far.

Have just brought in the washing, because it has started to rain.

This morning there was air raid siren, poor Sean was having a howling fit bless him I didn't know if it was a drill or worse so what does one do I got my camera and consoled Sean. Then I rang up "the Builder" to find out which one was it, he did not know which worried me a bit because he always knows. The boys are at school and they are very organized there. After it felt like the longest 5 minutes he rang back and said it was just a drill.

Sean is fine now and showing me how much he loves burnt cookies.
Thats what is happening in my world on Tuesday


  1. I'm sorry you have to live with threats that require sirens. Makes my heart race fast just thinking about it.

    Hope the cookies were good....minus the burned ones:)

    Happy day to you and your family.


  2. thank goodness it was a drill! bravo Sean for loving those burnt cookies ;-)

  3. What a beautiful yard! Can't blame Sean for not liking a siren!

  4. If I bake cookies, I have to sit there and watch them, no distractions. I burn lots of things. :-)

    Sorry about the sirens, that has to be nerve racking. Jill howls at ambulance and police sirens - even if they are on tv.

  5. That is quite a swing in the weather. Our days and nights have been pretty close. About 2C at night and 4C during the day. - Margy

  6. I agree with Donna. Glad it was just a drill!
    I did just the same thing with cookies last weekend, but didn't have the excuse of reading, I just timed them wrong! Our dogs too enjoyed my mistake!
    I really enjoy your photos Cathy - the one of your house with the forboding gray sky on top is really nice, even though it looks like rain! The pink flowers cheer it up! Ben and I have both travelled in Israel before (Ben worked on some kibbutz's), and want to take our boys there one day, such a beautiful country xx

  7. That drill definitely added some excitement to your morning. I'm relieved to hear it was just a drill. (It's -2 Celsius here, by the way.)

  8. What a shock, fortunately it was only a drill! Poor dog!

    The pink flowers in your garden are very pretty!

  9. I know Sean was happy when the siren stopped. His reward for enduring.... a cookie. Yumm.

  10. Your Sean is a real sweetie, I am glad the siren was just a drill. Lovely photos and I sure your house smelled yummy from the cookies baking. Have a great day!


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