Friday, 24 February 2012

A walk around the garden and a look at Fridays sky

 there are certain weeds that I don't mind having in my garden in fact if it has a pretty flower they are welcome.

We have a lot of Periwinkles growing by the house.

 I love this colour of African daises At the moment they are in full bloom it flowers nearly all year round. Last year I collected some seeds from it they are growing well, can't wait to see what colour they will be as I was told they might not be the same as the mother plant.

The name for Violas in Hebrew is Amnon and Tamar (Hansel and Gretel).They are so such a happy flower.

I dont know how a cauliflower  plant got in there with the pansies but I am going to leave it  see what happens.

  Cant beat this plant I have had it since we moved in every summer it looks like it has died, good job that I not a very good gardener .
 Sage is a great plant to have in the grden not just because it is useful in the kitchen and medicine cabinet it also has lovely leaves.

My anemones are still going strong.

  A photo every day from my back door looking west.
It is overcast today with a chance of rain.
More news I will be getting a Brazilian black fig tree this week.
Have a look at Skywatch Friday

In the Garden
  • planted on sedum rock garden plants and planted some more seeds.
  • Planted on tomato plants.


  1. Lovely images - as per usual - That first image is a type of succulent that I have growing very well in a pot. Its survived several moves over hundreds of miles!

  2. The flowers in your garden are enchanting! Stunning beauty! And love the soft grey wonder of your landscape!

  3. You have some lovely plants in your garden. I love the anemones

  4. Your flowers are so beautiful Cathy! Now I want spring to come even more. It will be awhile yet I am afraid. In the meantime, I shall sit back and enjoy yours! And I don't mind some of the pretty weeds either. ;)
    xo Catherine

  5. love the flowers...your view from the back door looks similar to mine, we're having days of sprinkly rain.

  6. Wow your plants are growing beautifully.


  7. Hi Cathy, such beautiful flowers and colours!the anenomes are fabulous.I love the dog in the wild flower meadow (next post)Your photos show Israel in such a different aspect to what we see on Tv, usually sand, mountains and desert!
    can you grow veg all the year round as well as flowers?

  8. I'll be thinking of Hansel and Gretel when I plant pansies in April. How interesting!

  9. lovely..its heavenly to view them each day ..:)

    Tasty Appetite


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