Sunday, 12 February 2012

Some signs that Spring is just around the corner

 The lemon tree has some new growth
The Almond tree is blossoming and my washing line is in use as well as my lawnmower.

  The peach tree is in bud.

Not long before this Hibiscus will start to grow leaves

 I cant remember the name of this climber I just love it's dainty leaves.

A mosaic of flowers  in the garden.

And our secret garden is at its peak soon I will be collecting seeds and scattering them .
It has been a bit cloudy today so the sunlight is coming from all the yellow flowers.
In the garden

  • Planted on some Bok choy, Stocks ,Caulflowers and Spinach.
  • planted some Aubergine ("Japanese white","Mexican red") seed
  • Planted some white cucumber seed.


  1. I certainly miss the flowers but the thing I miss most is hanging out my clothes! First day above freezing I'm on it!
    (some of the Amish around here hang out their clothes year round. I am NOT that hardy!)

  2. Beautiful photographs Cathy.

    I have enjoyed looking at them,
    great to see the buds on the trees appearing.

    Wishing you a great "sunlit" week


  3. Oh wow, I love your secret garden. Beautiful blooms and blossoms.

  4. It's refreshing to see spring somewhere else, ours will not arrive until April.
    I'm curious as to what the flowers are in your secret garden, it's so pretty. Lovely mosaic.

  5. How wonderful, love your secret garden.

  6. good to see greenery and flowers, still covered in snow here and it's freezing cold,

    Gill in Canada

  7. Beautiful flowers and the promise of fruit to come! How wonderful it is in your yard!

    My onions are growing nicely and the lettuce is ready to repot! I bought some Marigold seeds...and some okra/lady fingers (can't wait to plant the okra)! I'm thinking I will try zucchini and some herbs...fresh fresh fresh how wonderful!

  8. We're not as far along as you, but everywhere there are signs of spring. I loved the look at the blossoming trees in your part of the world!

  9. It's so gorgeous at your home at this time of year; the flowers popping up everywhere look like something out of a storybook. I hope you'll be posting photos of the almond and peach trees in full bloom! Thank you for linking to Sunlit Sunday!

  10. How beautiful it all looks (and I love white cucumbers, the round ones like apples).

    Our weather is crazy. At this time of year (February) we are usually running the air conditioner at night to cool the place so we can sleep. Lately we've been pulling up the doonah to avoid the chilly night air. All my plants have gone berserk - doing things that they would not normally be doing. We've had one of our coolest summers on record and its been very wet. I think we are in for a cold and wet winter.

  11. Nature has the most beauty of all!

    Sft x

  12. My first time to your blog and must say you live in a beautiful place. I am sure I will enjoy continuing to follow you!

  13. Must be glorious around your place now,Cathy, lovely photos!

  14. Wow...I can't WAIT! Spring!!!What beautiful pictures!

  15. Your garden looks beautiful!! I love all your flowers. Thanks for popping by xo

  16. that field of flowers is the most beautiful thing I have seen in a long long time.... breathtaking........
    I have tried to sow wild flowers in my field but the bloody chickens keep eating them

  17. Spring is starting to burst out all over your garden. How fantastic to see all those little buds. The wildflower field looks absolutely stunning!

  18. What a beautiful sea of purple, red and white. x

  19. Wow, love the meadow full of flowers.


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