Monday, 27 February 2012

Just ordered another three trees

 because I would hate this to happen to Sean.
  1. Loquat
  2. Granny Smith
  3. Yellow plum
I am thinking about putting a couple more fejoia as I was told you need more than one.
Today I am having an interesting day in another hour I will be going to Daniel's school a parent/teacher day, talking about the fact that he will be going to High school this year coming(Yikes!)
After that I am going to Aled's school I love that boy but he looses all his coats and sweatshirts so we are going to look in the lost and found. I write his name in about 10 different places on his clothes and they still get lost , any ideas anyone .
Mosaic Monday shows some of the plants and seeds I am growing in my house.

This post will be updated.


  1. That is a hilarious photo! I can't wait to show my wife!

  2. Hee hee I like the dogs waiting for the tree. Its a problem trying to keep track of kids clothes. You can't do much more than write names all over them except train him to be more resposible Maybe reward him at the end of every week he comes home with his coat and sweatshirt.

  3. not sure my original comment made it, I hit something and it disappeared! can never have too many trees for our doggie friends ;-) Granny Smith apples were very popular as a pie apple in the southeastern part of Arizona where Don and I lived years ago.

    Daniel moving up to high school...yikes is a good word!

    hope some one has a solution for Aled's lost clothing...sounds like you're doing your best!

  4. Oh my you are ready for spring I think I should do too. ^_^


  5. That first photo is a hoot! Can there ever be too many trees?

  6. The first photo is so funny. Where did you find it?

  7. Love that last picture. I've just started planting a few seeds. Looks like yours are doing well.


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