Friday, 17 February 2012

Blossoms ,pears and a wish

 The peach tree has started to blossom

the Almond tree is in full bloom inspite of the wind and rain we have been having.

And received a box of Avocados already passed half of them on to friends.
Most of this week I have not been able to get near the computer the boys have been home nearly all week  maybe next week everything will get back to normal.


  1. beautiful blooms and delicious avocados! and soon a return to your computer! ;-)

  2. I've been looking forward to seeing more of your fruit tree blossoms! These are just gorgeous, Cathy!

  3. Wow-what a fine box of avocados. And with blooms and green grass, why would you want to be on the computer?????????????????????????????????????
    I am SO looking forward to spring. So nice to see your blooms!

  4. It'll be a while yet before I get to see blossoms this way. I just adore the flowering peach. Maa

  5. Our family loves avocados, we make home made guacamole all the time. You are blessed to be in such a beautiful place.

  6. How wonderful to have spring blossoms! I am jealous!!! ;)

    Have a happy weekend Cathy!
    xo Catherine

  7. So pretty!!!

    I love avocados - they don't grow here :-(

  8. I wish I could afford to buy more advocados. I only get them when they have been reduced. I would eat them all the time if I could.

  9. What a wonderful gift! And great that you pass on too!

    I love your spring blossom photos Cathy, they keep me going as I'm sure I'm suffering from SAD at the moment.

    Sft x


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