Saturday, 25 February 2012

Banias - Caesarea Philippi part one

A lovely morning out at Banias

I wish I could put down the words that would say how I feel when I visit a place like this,  the natural beauty hand in hand with some of the most beautiful ancient ruins.
You can actually feel the history at this place.
One thing I can say is I am very lucky to be able visit here. 

I have put some more photos on my photoblog here


  1. Looks beautiful AND peaceful! Loved the photos...

  2. I wish ...
    Bright and happy day ...
    Evening charming ...
    Quiet night with colorful Dreams ...
    Happy Saturday - Sunday Rest ...

    nice PHOTOS:))

  3. as you say a truly beautiful place!

  4. How lovely! I'd love to go there. The water softens it all and brings it back to life. Oh, if only it could all talk! Sandra

  5. What a fascinating place, so rich in history. Australia is just "old". We do have the indigenous 'pre-history' of the aboriginal peoples but it's not commonly shared except in 'touristy' locations such as Ularu.

  6. Serene ~
    Calm, peaceful and tranquil, that's what I see in your pictures
    hugs, Cherry


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