Friday, 2 December 2011

Some photos and a Friday song

Just looked out of the window while I was washing the floor listening to "Mr Blue Sky"

And there I was using a blue bucket and cloth but trust me I am not feeling blue how can you when there is "Mr Blue Sky"

This is one of the first songs I loved "Truly ,Madly, Deeply"

Thank you all for the Birthday greetings for Aled he really enjoyed them.


  1. Oh, does THAT take me back in time! What great memories!

  2. Blue is my favourite colour. That is a good song to scrub to.

  3. That is the perfect song to scrub to, so upbeat and happy! I haven't heard that in forever! You started my day off with a smile!

  4. Nice blue sky and looks a warm-ish day.

  5. Some music makes the job go faster and you don't even realize you are working!


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