Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Last day of the holidays the boys go back to school tomorrow :(

Today is a no spend day and I went for another trip with a certain group of friends here are some photos.

 A view of the kibbutz from the resevoir

 Some came by Mobility Scooter

The mountain has some snow not enough for skiing yet though.

  some came by bike

 and some came by car.

  but however they came everyone came in good spirits and enjoyed the day out.

In the restaurant at the kibbutz hotel

I feel I did very well for the first no spend day now I will put some money in my sealed pot.

Outside the hotel

In the garden
Put the stocks outside.

  • Daniel planted some Strawberry seeds


    1. And I came via the internet ;-) Enjoyed your photos! Does this reservoir supply your kibbutz? The mountains are gorgeous, will you ski when the snow is deeper?!!!


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