Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Thank you Maa for this


Now I need to pass this on to five ok -six- others....let me see....
This is a difficult decision as I love all the blogs in my list. I guess one thing will narrow it down as it has to be someone with less than 200 followers.  This award is to promote those blogs and it would great if you pop over and pay them a visit.  Thank you.

So here goes first there is Shirley with her lovely life surrounded by some beautiful scenery and even lovelier Animals ride a good horse

Then there is Karen and her lovely musings on her home, garden and more my little home and garden
Mary has a lovely organic garden even if it is under a lot of snow at the moment edible garden
Suzanne has the neatest garden and she makes the most beautiful things where does she have the time enchanted things
Phoebe blog is full of useful information in her own words she is a
"Graduate Landscape Architect, Passionate gardener, Vegetable grower, Chicken keeper and Plant nerd. " and she is at ballynoe cottage
planted on the African daises into larger pots.
Please pop in and tell them I sent you, you'll enjoy your visit. 

in the garden
  • planted out the cauliflowers both sorts ,broccoli, purple sprouting and also sweet peas.
  • planted on the African  Daisies into pots they have four leaves now. 
  • harvested some more eggplants

Christmas things to do 
  •   Christmas shopping have not done any
  •   Add some more decorations.
  •  Make some mince pies and freeze also a small Christmas pudding.or two.
I nearly forgot last night went well there where a lot of people that came to listen. Rachel Rabin Yaakov is a down to earth person who is a devoted younger sister to her famous older brother.The filming etc was ok considering the lights kept going off and I could not use a flash but I am happy with the results.
Rachel Rabin Yaakov's brother was Yitzhak Rabin

This is the last cake that I will make for Aled's birthday this year just taken 24 cupcakes similar to this one but with smarties instead of eggs to his "After school club" that he goes to twice a week he is a king there 18 girls and 2 boys.

Well I think they are .


  1. I'll have to visit tomorrow...oh my it is tomorrow, in that case later today...it's almost 2am and I haven't even put up my new post! But I did get to visit everyone who's updated their blog over the past 2 days!

  2. You're very welcome Cathy. Now I'll go and visit the blogs you've named. Maa

  3. Hello Cathy - thanks for visiting my blog - lovely to meet you - I shall certainly visit your nominated blogs over the next few days - Jane UK

  4. Beautiful Brinjals. How do you usually prepare them?

  5. Greetings From Southern California

    I'm don't think I like egg plant but I know for sure I like cup cakes :-)

    Thanks for your recent visit to My Blog

    Have a Nice Day :-)

  6. Que cup cakes mas bonitos, son ideales para los niños .... espero que aunque yo no sea de los blogs que has comentado tambien me visiten. Besos

  7. Thank you! I'm glad you like my little blog.


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