Friday, 16 December 2011

A wall is coming down my poor Christmas

Looking into the house from the front door

This is where one of the kitchens were you can see the pipes and tiles

My poor Christmas decorations all put in the small sitting room with a ton of furniture and books

The wall is coming down what a mess but as they say to make an omelete you have to break some eggs


While this was all happening made breakfast for 6 boys and also builders and the house is a complete mess I think I need  a hand

But I am starting to see the light from the front door

through all the dust that is
I will take some more photos later someone wants some more Tea.

back for an update

And the wall came down starting to clear away

my poor garden don't look
look at something else

Sean has the right idea relax

  • added more ginger and sugar to the ginger beer plant day six


    1. Renovation is never easy....and especially not this time of year. Best wishes to you!

    2. Wow...what a mess. I bet it'll be great when it's finished. Sean looks as though he can sleep through anything. Typical man! Maa/

    3. The wall is down and it looks so open...I hope you'll be able to have your decorations back in place before Christmas! Sweet Sean taking it easy!


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