Sunday, 4 December 2011

The land of No Sunday lie ins .

A typical rush  rush sunday getting up sending them all off with both breakfast and Lunch and Oh yes "Mum, I need 32 cup-cakes today  for break time"
stunned look on my face "what!!" well it was 5 minutes before he caught the bus obviously Aled thinks I am a miracle worker. 
He catches the look on my face and says "well the teacher said".
Well what to do ahh the answer was sitting on the breakfast table chocolate covered corn flakes . It took more than fives minutes more like thirty but "the builder" took the cakes to the school by car with plenty of time to spare.

How can I be annoyed for long.
Mum the miracle worker strikes again.


  1. Do they go to school on Sunday? You certainly are a miracle worker. I remember similar requests from mine.

  2. Gosh. Good on you for whipping those up so quickly!

  3. Great thinking. And what a face-such beautiful eyes. Oh, he's going to be trouble with the ladies-LOL!

  4. Hi Cathy, thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a comment.
    Please email me your address for my Christmas post as I have never sent a card to Israel before!
    A smile like that will get him anything!

  5. Nice save Cathy...children love to throw us curve balls, don't they?!!!! I like your Christmas backgound!

  6. Haha! Wonder woman....that what you are. Maa

  7. Haha ~ oh I remember those days well. Of all of a sudden finding out you were the parent that was supposed to supply snacks for the day. But you are right, it's hard to stay mad at those little faces!
    xo Catherine


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