Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A little bit of Christmas

The home made ornament tree in the kitchen  still a lot to make

there is is christmas colours everywhere

In the garden

  • Planted some Aquilegia magpie seeds

this is what they look like in flower

  • added more ginger and sugar to the ginger beer plant day four


    1. Helo Cathy,

      Always love stoppinjg by your blog :]

    2. I like the idea of the ornament tree. I did that for a few years. Hope your flowers turn out like that.

    3. I like your ornament tree! Very fun!
      xo Catherine

    4. the tree branch Christmas tree is Aunt used to do a Halloween version of this!

      the Aquilegia magpie blooms will be beautiful!

    5. What a lovely way to celebrate Christmas by making your own ornaments in favour of buying ready made. So much more meaningful and personal. I love aquilegias. These are a beautiful bold colour! Hope they do well and reward you with lots of pretty blooms.


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