Monday, 5 December 2011

Did the Earth move for you

For us it did last night it lasted for about 20 seconds and it was 3.8 Richter but things definitely moved, shook and rattled.

I took these pictures yesterday this is my garden trolley that once used in the children houses for getting food from the communal kitchens, taking dirty laundry, getting the clean laundry and all the groceries that were also given out from the kitchen.

My little red trolley

Red Hibiscus

red trumpet flower what is it proper name?

red berries

 A poor teddy bear that looks a bit lost
Later today I will have the honor of filming Rachel Rabin Yaakov ( Itzhak Rabin's sister) she is coming to do a talk at the members club.I hope I dont have camera shake well I could say there was an earthquake.


  1. Love Teddy he looks relaxed and happy. What has he been drinking. Glad the quake didn't cause you any damage.

  2. I hope you didn't have any damage! Merry Christmas!

  3. I love that trolley-I'd fill it with pots of flowers!

  4. No Earth moving here ~ just lots of snow. I like your photo of the little teddy bear. It makes me kind of sad wondering what little one was so sad that they lost their stuffed toy. Poor thing ~ it looks like it needs a hug! :(
    xo Catherine

  5. WOW Cathy that sounds scary to me. I live in Ontario Canada and that is something I do not remember feeling, I am happy for that. Your photos are beautiful.
    I was reading the post below and boy you are a Mom that thinks quick on her feet. Good job. I have been there it is always an interesting spot to be put into. Welcome. B

  6. Hi Cathy, thanks for joining my blog. I love the red trolley. I am following your blog now.

  7. Hello and thankyou for your visit. i hope you pop back and say hello. Iv become a follower of your blog so I will be back.

  8. That quake movements must have been very scary. Your garden looks wonderful today.

  9. Enjoyed your photos especially the little red trolley...hope photo shoot goes well!


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