Thursday, 15 December 2011

Yesterday I went to Nazareth

This is the view from the road coming into Nazerath

The Church of the Annunciation sometimes also referred to as the Basilica of the Annunciation can be seen from here.

 This is the first Christmas advertisement I have seen this year yes I had to take a picture

I allways think of my Mum when I see this sign Mary's well Square hehe.

Dratt I should of gone today there was a Christmas market how cool is that

I was told this was Mary's well Square I must admit I have passed it before and never realised how special this place was this is square is where  Mary was told by Angel Gabriel that she was with child and the baby was the light to the world and to name him Jesus. 
 If Mary came back today she couldn't  drink the water from this well .

some really bright steps

A typical side street one might say but behind some of these doors are sights sounds and smells that can transport you back into another time but that will be in the next post because I have a group of teenagers staying with us tonight also a wall in the house might coming down and have to move the Christmas tree and everything else from the sitting room.
In the garden

  • thinned out and replanted the stocks so they have more room to grow
  • print out some christmas puzzles and crafts to do.
  • wrap a couple of presents up (we decided again this year to buy a big present that we all will use and a few smaller presents to open under the tree).

  • added more ginger and sugar to the ginger beer plant day five


    1. Thank you for taking us along with your trip. We really enjoyed looking at your photos. Have a nice day!

    2. I loved been taken on a little tour around Nazareth, Cathy and seeing the spot where Mary heard her life-changing news. I can't wait to hear and see more of what you have to share :)

      My goodness! You're taking a wall down in your house, tonight or tomorrow? Now, of course I want to know why? Call me nosey :)

    3. Wow people travel from all over the world to visit places like Mary's Well.

    4. Excellent photos of Nazareth, love the colored steps and seeing Mary's well! Knocking a wall out in your home? I'm excited about your Ginger Beer!

    5. It's so cool to see pictures of Nazareth and at the same time get a history lesson. It's actually a part of everyone's history whom celebrates Christmas, wherever we come from! In Sweden, we sing songs about Jesus and Nazareth during Christmas, whether you are Christian or not. It belongs to the Christmas traditions in the same way as gingerbread cookies and saffron buns.

      I crafted the drawers of wood quickly together myself, so it makes you surely in a snap! ;)

    6. Oh Cathy...what a wonderful post, I thoroughly enjoyed going to Nazareth with you! Christ was born in Bethlehem but grew up in Nazareth and your post made it real, very real, for me. Thank you!
      A question about the languages...Hebrew, English that Arabic? Please forgive me if I've "guessed" incorrectly.

    7. Yes a wall will be coming today not yesterday as planned there will be photos and explanation I dont think anyone is nosey just curious.

    8. Cathy-thank you so much for the pictures....sincerely. They were very special. If you have time-some of us would like to see more of the Israel we can only dream about seeing in person....shalom.


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