Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Doggie Doo


  1. Not quite sure what to say about Doggie Doo...reminds me of something I saw at Walmart yesterday. At Easter time years ago they came out with plastic chickens that you pushed down and they laid a little plastic or candy egg...imagine my surprise yesterday when I discovered Santas and Reindeer that you pushed down and out rolled something into Santas Toy Sack and I can't remember what it was for the Reindeer. Each was "pooping" into some kind of little container, I couldn't believe my eyes! What has pooping (even if it is candy) got to do with Christmas? I mean Santa and the Reindeer haven't starting laying eggs have they?

    Cathy please tell me more about the "doggie doo" video!

  2. Well what can I say I was shown the video by one of the boys and he wanted me to put it on this blog because he thought it was so funny It is a toy from Germany.Honestly i wouldn't put the video on the blog but he asked so nicely.

  3. I understand...looking through a child's eyes is difficult for me please forgive me! I would have done the same thing for my son.

  4. LOL ~ oh my stars ~ I wonder how this game is selling? Children do have a funny sense of humour! Haha!
    xo Catherine


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