Saturday, 12 November 2011

I have a feeling today's post is going to be very long: part 1

The sky

Sabra (prickly pear)

The old tennis court "the builder" Is raising money to restore it .

The Mums are out one of my favorite colours

A nice place for a read and some nibbles from Hannover PA.
Going to look for a woodburner I would love one that I could cook on as well like a baby Aga

or something like this would be nice

Rain bells ?

Sky at 1pm

We had a flat tyre the tractor always goes first afterwards we had a look around for a woodburner no luck finding the one I would like but saw something that might be allright or should we wait untill next year.

Sky at 4pm

Sat watching this cow tying to get those leaves I really wanted to help


Today, the Banias is a National Park with hiking trails and streams of water flowing through it. It is also the site of an ancient Greek city where the god Pan was worshiped, giving the site its name, Panias (known in Hebrew as "Banias). Christians believe that at this site, the northernmost location that Jesus traveled to, Peter identified Jesus as the messiah.

In Roman times Herod the Great built a temple near the spring, and his son Philip embellished what by then had become a city, naming it Caesarea Philippi. That is the New Testament name for Banias, where Jesus charged Peter with founding the Church (Matt. 16:13–20).
 I said this post would be long


  1. Love that woodburner! That brings back great memories. Hope you get one!!

  2. That would be handy, a fire that you can cook on. Luckily we don't need a fire.

  3. Those prickly pear remind me of a clip in walt disney "the jungle book" which the part of the bare necessities song. We rarely have that sky with that type of cloud around here.

  4. I have had a couple of wood burning cook stoves, nothing fancy like that though, they just looked like a cook stove with the iron top. Wonderful for cooking and keeping warm!

    Love the picture of the cow!

  5. I love that woodburner and the flower photos look beautiful!

  6. Another wonderfully varied post. Super skies, cute cow and beautiful blue rain bells. I loved learning about Banias.


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