Monday, 21 November 2011

Update Monday

  • 8.01am everyone has left for either work or school it is is quiet after all the rush to get everyone out on time so they don't miss their bus .washing machine is on and here I am having my first mug of coffee while reading a few blog posts.

  • 9.12 finished tidying the  kitchen so time to mess it up again with a little bit of Christmas crafts.

  • 10.10 had my brunch and I am waiting to find out if the chimney man is coming .
  • 10.50 Did a bit of gardening and brought in some vegetables for dinner, my monday harvest. I still need another 4 toilet rolls hurry up boys. *waiting*.
  • 11.54 started a few more decorations cleaned the bathrooms and the downstairs w.c. I have to stop watching the clocks because I am still waiting.

  • 1.06 The weather is lovely, read a few blogs, looked at my seed trays, my potato plants are growing fast as are the tomatoes.  *waiting * cleaning my bedroom.

  • 2.14 hip-hip hurrah the chimney man is here.

  • 3.00 the chimney man has started to drill our concrete ceiling.
  • 3.30  It was so funny to see them drill a hole in the ceiling  they put some boards underneath and when the concrete came down it bounced off the boards and landed on the floor and broke a couple of tiles.I was surprsed to see how thick the concerete is and so were they.
  • 5.05 Aleds gone to football practice Daniel is ice skating and they sky is clear meaning it will be chilly tonight no wood burner yet maybe tomorrow.


  1. All in all a productive day. Love your harvest and brunch.

  2. I loved seeing snippets of your day, it sounds like you got lots done. I hope that chimney man came:)

  3. Yay...the chimney man finally arrived...enjoyed all your photos! The 'Christmas tree' is very inspired...I never thought to use the cardboard tubes from toilet paper to make anything. Your veggies are growing nicely. Are the ornaments made of creative!

  4. Veggies seem to be growing well in your place. The last photo gives perspective of your country with long range or mountain..., even the colour of sky is slightly different from ours....

  5. Oh are you getting a new wood fire installed. How lovely. I'm sure you enjoy every cosy night in from now on. I love keeps me at home Maa

  6. You had a fairly busy day, that clock watching will make it take longer though.... Too bad the man didn't finish, I bet you could use a bit of a fire about now! That chunk sure came down with a clunk, Jill woofed at your video!

  7. You are very productive with your time. Delicious home-cooking meal!


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