Saturday, 5 November 2011

Globe trotter blog style

It is raining again so I have decided to go globe trotting around the blogosphere ,where shall I start off I know a place where I spent a few holidays allready Spain.
where I meet a lovely lady whose name is  Teresa  at "CasaTere"she shows me around her kitchen and what is cooking tonight It always looks delicious.
Later I go to another part of Spain to Lala Ema and her Castle in Spain.

Afterwards I went to a cafe  listened to some music then walked down a side street in Cordova into a dance hall and
watch some Amazing Flamenco

The amazing grace and power of Flamenco, performed by Celina Zambon.
Stopping at this bar I know  I have a Cafe con leche where there is more music and then I got on the train to Madrid

by the way Martyn is my big brother and I am very proud of him.

and catch the internet link home


  1. The internet is so wonderful--we can go anywhere!
    All from the comforts of home..........
    Gotta love that!

  2. Thanks for the tour, it was great.:)

  3. The weather is miserable here too, not quite raining but cold and threatening. So I am touring too - but mostly gardens!

  4. enjoyed the trip to Spain...Flamenco dancing is one of my favorite things to watch. the train trip with your brother was fun to watch, very artistic, was the music his too?

  5. Theanne yes he wrote the music as well.


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