Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Ok this might be disturbing to some viewers.

Well it didn't start out a usual Wednesday I woke up with a very strange dream that I was talking to a fellow Blogger(Sharon) and she kept on saying remember hindsight It was 5 am it was dark outside and I decided the dream was telling me to get up and start walking which did 4 km not much but I was wearing new shoes, with hindsight maybe that was not a good idea.
Later I got a call I was called to take some photographs ok you have been warned.
An assortment of pastries

Is that chocolate I see? I better get a closer look

or even closer

Can't you just smell that chocolate

And this is the man behind all that chocolate

It must be all that chocolate he is a very happy man and he really enjoys his work(he did this work shop for free for the old folk)

I love these Folks
Day one of better than hindsight

4k walk morning
2k walk evening fast


  1. Oh my am I supposed to go eat my boring piece of multi-grain toast for breakfast after looking at these photos??? Well... you did warn me. ;)


    xo Catherine

  2. OH, (DROOL) I just have to go eat breakfast...!!!

  3. I love chocolate but that was a bit much. lol

    Fancy your sister living in Hove, its the Hove bit that I live in, recently the coucilwent together and called the area 'Brighton and Hove'
    What a small world it is. What part of Hove was it? I surely will know it.


  4. the chocolate is beautiful...the color the aroma the taste...but alas I very rarely eat chocolate now (because of the caffiene). what did the happy man do with his chocolate...what did he make? love the photos!

  5. Theanne he made pralines and truffles they were very tasty

  6. lots of excited anticipation in that last photo - gorgeous.

  7. What did you say...breakfast, lunch and dinner? Yum! A feel good breakfast. Maa

  8. Yum Truffles are my vary favorite


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