Monday, 14 November 2011

I would love to introduce a friend of mine we used to share a pillow.

I found him again
(My sister had Big Ted well she is older than me.)

Its  raining don't have to water the garden

A little bit of Wales
( a memory of a walk on the beach with my dad and the boys)

Bamia Okra flowers from yesterday

Sean does not like the rain.

Look my garden is having a good soak lovely


  1. love the rain, the bit of Wales, Sean, the found bear and most of all, the OKRA...a tiny little bit sells for such an outrageous price at the market where I shop, I need to try growing it in a container

  2. My daughters also had a Big Ted and a Little Ted... I think we still have Little Ted somewhere.
    Your garden looks luxuriant compared with mine. I like the Okra flowers, but I don't enjoy eating the veg.

  3. Oh what a lovely drop of rain. I love how the garden instantly grows when it feels raindrops :)


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