Tuesday, 8 November 2011

No frogs today just Sean and I on a walkabout

At the start of the walkabout we saw ate some clementinas they are so sweet and juicy.

looking towards the new housing development

The Grapefruit tree's were groaning under the weight of the fruit

and there are a lot of trees

These grapefruits are being picked

and so are the kumquat

Irrigation don't need it this week

This looks like a busy junction is that a subway as well

More kumquat trees

Sean loves having walks he is so funny when I get his lead what a noise!

The remenants of the cotton

Sean the dog who loves his walkabouts and so do I,we will have to do them more often.


  1. I think it would be so wonderful to live in a place that can grow citrus. I have to buy my Clemantines and they cost a small fortune and we can only get them around mid-winter. You are indeed lucky!

  2. so lovely to see where you live x

  3. Kumquats is not a familiar edible to us. How do you enjoy them?

  4. I eat kumquats whole or we make jams and tarts there is also a liquer that i want to try to make.

  5. Sean looks very pleased with his walk. The fruit on the trees looks big and juicy.

  6. You're lucky to live in a place like this. I'd love to see that place sometime for myself!

    Arnab Majumdar

  7. Hi Cathy, what a lovely walkabout with Sean...all the fruit and beautiful views!

  8. Look at that beautiful fruit!! As the winter months hit our fruit selection dwindles here in Canada. Oh what I wouldn't do to taste some of that beautiful fresh grapefruit! Lovely!
    xo Catherine

  9. What a lovely walk with Sean! I love the area where you live, just beautiful! Wow for all the fruit and it's great that you are getting the rain!

  10. Clementinas and grapfruits, such wonderful fruits. I have always heard that Israel is one of the world's leading producers of fresh citrus fruits....must be true.:)

  11. Loved the walkabout Cathy. I was given a small kumquat but here in rainy cold Oregon it has a rough go of it. Perhaps I should make room in the greenhouse as I would love to try the fruit.


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