Monday, 28 November 2011

It is starting to feel like Autumn again and a few questions

I Love this time of year the mornings are so fresh and the air is so clear.

The mullberry trees are slowly turning yellow and the bulbs are coming upthat reminds me I have some bulbs to plant.

The wild Cyclamen is starting to bloom

And the Mums are starting to fade
Nearly finished the advent calender.Started on some more Christmas decorations with the boys.I loved looking at all my craft books in front of the fire.and this Emag has given me some great ideas as well Sweet Paul Magazine.

In the garden
  • Planted out the pansies but also potted on a few.
  • have to find out when to cut the eggplants back or should I just pull them up?
  • Okra is well do you cut it back or pull it out?
  • Also same with the  long beans?
  • Sown some more peas the last lot only one germinated.
  • Sown some African daises.
  • Sown some broad beans in the summer it was too hot.
  • Collected first big bag of leaves for compost.
  • made some minced meat .


  1. Look at your lovely flowers you still have. My brown dead flowers are all covered with snow. So thank you for sharing yours!! :)
    xo Catherine

  2. The wild Cyclamen is beautiful...I love thinking about it growing wild somewhere in the world...since all I've ever seen was in pots. The states I've gardened in, almost everything was pulled up and put on the compost in the autumn. Except maybe tomatoes vines, they can spread blight into the compost to be passed on next growing season. Look forward to seeing your African Daisies!

  3. Like the previous commenter, I've only seen cyclamen as houseplants. How nice that you get to see them growing outdoors.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. I am not sure whether your place has frost or not. If you don't have frost you can just leave the eggplants be. Prune all the dead branches on the eggplant early spring when they start to sprout new leaves. Thats what I did this year. At our area, we always so broad bean early fall and harvest in spring as our summer is scorching hot.


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