Saturday, 26 November 2011

Yet more photos of the day out

Today I will be uploading the photos to picasa and also doing a dvd for the folks without a computer.
In the garden 
  • Beans are still growing but next year I will have to plant at least twice the amount.
  • Eggplants are still growing but it has started to slow down a little.
  • Tomatoes are really growing fast they look a little bit neglected next time will have to stake and tie them
  • Carrots, Spring onions, radish
  •  Cauliflor, Brocolli, purple sprouting have germinated I need to pot them on this week.
  • Sweetpeas(Winston Churchill) and Nasturtuim have also germinated also needs to pot on.
Aled's birthday
  1. Bring Christmas tree down and decorations He has presents under the Christmas tree twice in a year.
  2. make a football pitch cake (his request)
  3. invite a few friends of his for a surprise party.
  4. make some pizzas and cup cakes for the party and also for  his class at school .
  5. Invite all the family for some soup and borekas (filled pastries) Friday its also "The builders" birthday next week.

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  1. beautiful photos Cathy, I like that you're doing a DVD of the sightseeing trip for those without sounds like it's going well...lots going on in your November and December! Happy Birthday to your son and husband!


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