Wednesday, 9 November 2011

last night I did some some Origami this morning I have time to reflect

Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia.
Charles M. Schulz

Wednesday's harvest

Eggplant,beans and parsley 
 what is cooking tonight?

  • eggplant pashdida( is like a quiche without the pastry)
  • cajun chicken
  • rice with some beans
  • avocado,parsley and tomato salad
  • lots of clementinas (mandarin oranges) for pudding


  1. I'll never forget visiting Hiroshima and the Sadako Sasaki monument. People would leave hundreds of brightly coloured paper cranes in honour of her and the victims she represents.

  2. My Japanese friend taught me to make a pokemon origami. But I forgot how now. We harvested some eggplants too but ours are 3 tiny ones. Have not cook it yet.

  3. origami is such a fascinating art...I'm sure a delicious meal is cooking tonight!

  4. I have 'dabbled' in origami, and found I am not good at it.

    Love your quote about the world ending today!

    Nice harvest! Enjoy!

  5. Mmm, mouthwatering menu!

    My son went through an origami phase a couple of years ago. Now that he's away at university I love coming across little origami birds around the house and thinking of him.

  6. Love Origami - but I haven't done any for ages, Now where's that pretty paper I saved?

  7. I used to read the story of Sadako to my class and then we would try to make a thousand cranes.
    Some of those words in your menu I have never heard of. Pashdida? Clamantinas?


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