Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Bore da blog

Well what I have done so far today sorted out photographs doing backups of them. It just shows how many photos I take and what clutter they were in, but they are all sorted out now great.

This is our cat Sheleg (Snowy) yes original I know today is her birthday she is 18 yrs old, here she is in a recent picture of her calling for her dinner.

Here is the dog in our life Sean he is our rescue dog from one of the wars, he was scared in a lot of ways but he never lost that trust.
I thought I would post a picture where I work but that's not allowed so here is the back of it and the Almond blossom.

Here I work part time at the play school

Here is another scene on the kibbutz not far from the kibbutz hotel the water fall and mill.
Wishing everyone a great St David's day we are going to finish those Welsh cakes yummy.
Hwyl fawr am nawr! Or tarra

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