Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sean's story part 3

We got home Sheleg was waiting for us we were all glad to be home.  First thing the next morning we went to see the Shelter of course you could hear it then smell it and when you saw all those dogs, barking and also some fighting I have not seen so many dogs in a small space it was a little bit scary. We had decided to bring home a grown dog we didn’t want a puppy as we thought most people will take those first it was a giant task we had the picture the boys had  drawn and with that as a guide back and forth we looked this one particular dog was sitting at the wire fence just looking not making a sound but talking so much with his eyes all three of us saw him at the same time and the boys said together "mum" it was love at first sight he did not look like the picture we had drawn but those eyes were saying take me home these Animals are so noisy

We told the lady that this is the dog we want she told us his story and she gave us a coller and lead and we put him in the car where we had a blanket waiting for him he was shivering so much I wrapped him up in the blanket he didn’t make a sound he just excepted what was happening to him the next stop was to the vet to see to all those burns and sores we also found out he had fleas, ticks and a blood infection the vet said nearly all the dogs get it from the shelter. It was expensive medicine but we already loved him and he was part of our family. We got him home I cleaned  him and put the antibiotic cream on his wounds we could see what a lovely dog he was. he followed us around everywhere for the first few days he never made a sound until someone came to visit and it sounded like he had a bad cough .Sheleg was not a happy cat.

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