Monday, 28 March 2011

Our garden or the building site

We still have a lot of work to do inside and outside of the house the walls have to be plastered, Floors tiled and there are a few walls that have to be knocked down. Yesterday I rushed to move the vegetable gardens and the builder did not turn up but he did send some ice-cream with DH.

The building in the background is the kibbutz members club and also the library. The member club is used for meetings, keep fit, bible classes, parties, shows, and also as a funeral parlor.

I still have a lot of the hill to move but I think I will leave that to the digger.
I want to add three more beds a tall one for root veg, one for beans and the other for watermelons .Dh will be busy ;)

This the patio as it is south facing it has a lot of sun hopefully in the not too distant future it will have a pergola over it then I can grow I don't know if it will be fruit or flower as long as it is good in the heat and it can be hot against all that concrete
As you can see we also have to put new drain covers "builder I don't want ice cream I want action"

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