Thursday, 10 March 2011

funny thing memories, I was reading this blog and then...

Gooseberry Jam: Making IT - Not Faking IT

And its all about tasty home made sweets and it started me thinking when it was the last time I heard of lockjaw toffee and then I remembered the toffee that my Gran bought for us at a little shop more like a lean to on to this ladies house where all the sweets were in jars and it was not self service I was taught not to touch it was owned my Gran's friend Aunty Sophie we always stayed for tea in her little drawing room that was packed full of old china and furniture
This memory reminded of something else how near Taffs Well that's in Wales there is a castle that as a child I spent a lot of time exploring and of course lets pretend it was the Red Castle or Castell coch ( we used to call it sooty's castle )a lot of times we had the castle to ourselves

don't you think everyone should have a real castle to dream in even only pretend

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