Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Good Morning Blog.

I decided don't I want too show you my fridge or the contents of my handbag not yet but I will show you where I live.
 Let's start by the waterfall where there a lot of sculptures by Ari Ashkenazi (I hope that's spelt right) he is a member on the kibbutz but also the life guard at the pool.

Now we are walking towards the hotel where I used to work as the gardener there.

This is just part of the hotel I will show more another time.
Now we walk through the hotel and over the bridge to where the kibbutz members live.
Around the roundabout and towards the fields
On the way there we pass what used to be the heart of the kibbutz or should I say tummy the dining room where the kibbutz used to meet and eat now we all eat at home like I remember as a child around the table at home. The dining room was a love hate relationship hated the food but loved sitting and chatting together while the kids played outside on the granolith.
And the last bit of the kibbutz I am sharing today is the grain tower.
Well we have been busy in the garden planting the melon, eggplant, lettuce, rocket, parsley, coriander and tomato. All we need now are peppers, cucumber, sweet corn, watermelon and onions. Have to get the boys out there digging.
Bye for now blog

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