Sunday, 13 March 2011

seans story

At the same time this was going we had been evacuated from our home, my oldest son was working at the kibbutz hotel which was full of reporters from all over the world and my husband was also on the kibbutz keeping the internet running for those same reporters. While the two youngest and I were staying at DH sister in the center of Israel. who I will be truly grateful they loved being with Aunty, Uncle and cousins but everyday they would ask when are we going home one  day they saw some news all about the brave people looking after the dogs in the north Daniel had wanted a dog since he was small and we decided all of us that as soon as we got home we would go to see a lady about a dog so it gave them something to think about a glimmer of the future with a dog we looked at books on how to care for them and we even drew pictures of what their dog would look like the news from the north was not  good and my eldest  who had just finished army service was called up and he was told to report to the army compulsory it was a nightmare I was trying to hold it together for the boys sake so this dog was a crusade to get us home (to make a long story shorter or maybe because I hate thinking about it so I blank that part out)as soon as the last rocket fell we said our goodbyes and drove  North Home.

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