Sunday, 20 March 2011

a picture a day

This is the shelter we got Sean from  and a little bit about the lovely lady that runs it

My name is Janet Hansen.The shelter is mine.I moved to Israel in 1980 from Calgary, (I studied at UBC) and began the shelter in 1989, when I had no more room in my house (on Kibbutz Lehavot Habashan) for one more stray, so took some out to my place of work in the citrus orchards.The orchards have been gone now for 8 years but the shelter carries on-through good times and bad-war and peace-riches and poverty(mostly poverty).
We rely wholly on donations-money, food, fencing, roofing, blankets, whatever someone has to give.We live hand to mouth-but a reliable hand to mouth-the dogs and cats will always eat(even if I don't), receive medical attention, from spay-neuter and vaccinations to more complicated medical procedures as the occasion demands.
I say we because though I am ultimately responsible, we are now quite a large group of kindred spirits-25 more or less, who have accepted the responsibility for keeping the shelter running.We are a registered charity. We also have various programs in place which involve the community at large. Junior highschool students do their "personal responsibility" volunteerism at the shelter as do before the army preparation courses; we receive people through the courts who work off their community service time in the shelter.
From all of these groups we also have those who come back year after year to visit or work, after their programmes have run their course.So that's us.

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